The Future Of Health And Fitness

Wearable tech has actually been getting a great deal of attention throughout numerous markets, even in health care, however no place has it been more popular than in the realm of physical fitness. In fact, of all the physical fitness trends that have actually happend in the last couple of years, none remain to be as well-known, and groundbreaking, as wearables. What started as a novelty– for some, and not much more than an expensive pedometer– has now end up being a multibillion pound market that’s revealing no indications of decreasing.

It’s 2017 and with the fitness and health resolutions that it’s expected to deliver with it, let’s have a look at a few of the brand-new advancements in wearable physical fitness innovation that we are most likely to see in the upcoming months.

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5 Upcoming Changes In Wearable Technology And Fitness

1. Hidden Wearable Technology

Okay, they may not really be ‘undetectable” per se, however the brand-new physical fitness wearable gadgets are most likely to be smaller sized and be less apparent when used. Everybody can see when you are using a FitBit or other gadget on your wrist, however more recent gadgets are being established to be utilized as zip handles, keychains, as well as fashion jewelry. Considered that lots of people stop utilizing physical fitness trackers due to the fact that they are unpleasant or do not collaborate with their clothes, making the innovation less apparent is a welcome improvement.

2. Improved Safety

Security is an issue for many individuals, specifically those who exercise outdoors or on their own. New wearables remain in advancement that consist of security functions such as an alarm or alert button to call the authorities when the user in threat. For those with physical health conditions, these functions can help them get medical aid when needed.

3. Wearables in Clothes

Trainers with integrated counters. Coats that determine your heart rate. Sweat suits that can inform you which muscles you are utilising. These are simply a few of the clothes products that remain in advancement or are currently readily available which contain integrated sensing units for determining your exercises and every movement. This innovation can not just assist the typical person who exercises, however can be used in more professional arenas to provide fans a brand-new point of view on their favourite sports games, and also aid coaches to get a better look at athletes are working to help prevent injury.  Not only that, but some devices will soon be able to provide you with live health and fitness tips.  Imagine going for a jog and your device provides you with the most relevant news from sites such as mens health or healthster.

4. Extra Health Data

While many individuals utilise their activity trackers to determine the distance which they have walked, the number of minutes they exercise, and for some, their heart rate, the abilities of physical fitness trackers and other equipment is broadening to focus more on extra measurements, consisting of sleep (both time and quality), high blood pressure, oxygen rates, and sweating, all with an eye towards improving health generally.

5. More Precise Sensors

Among the many ways which technology is improving the number of data readings. This is by established by making sensors more delicate and precise. Engineers are gearing up wearables with more innovation, consisting of improved sensing units, microcontrollers and more. In addition, more effective software application will establish a much better general idea of the user’s health.

Wearable tech is anticipated to become more user-friendly and able to make suggestions or issue notifications when needed. For instance, one wearable currently being developed will have the ability to identify how much sun direct exposure you have actually had that day and will notify you when it’s time to use more sunblock. Another gadget might have the ability to determine your hydration levels through just how much you have actually sweated, and inform you that it’s time to consume some water.

These are simply a few of the advancements that we can anticipate to see in the following year that pertains to wearables for fitness. With these types of devices ending up being an important part of daily life, we’ll more than likely see much more innovative improvements as the months pass, but for now, do not be shocked if your old physical fitness tracker feels hopelessly obsolete soon.

ITV Switch Off Channels At Bank Holiday Weekend

ITV took all of their channels off the air for an entire hour last bank holiday weekend.  This was part of the I Am GB campaign to get people outside inspired by the Olympics.

The switch-off took place between 9:30 and 10:30 in the morning on the 27th of August (Summer Bank Holiday) and included all of ITV’s channels from ITV right through to ITV4 and CITV.  Anyone who tried to watch their usual programs on those channels at that time on the bank holiday were simply shown a message saying “We’ve gone running. Why Don’t you join us”.


The campaign was organised by the National Lottery with ITV and was inspired by Great Britain’s successes at the Olympics recently.  The bank holiday campaign hopes to bring more participation in sport across the UK.

Along with this, over 2000 sports clubs were  open to allow people to get involved in sport for free.  ITV also opened their sets to be used for various sports.  For example, Coronation Street hosted a climbing wall, table tennis and badminton.

The day was described as a homecoming for Olympic athletes returning from Rio and a the country’s biggest country-wide sports event. it was a great opportunity for people to take part in sports that would not normally do so.