ITV Switch Off Channels At Bank Holiday Weekend

ITV took all of their channels off the air for an entire hour last bank holiday weekend.  This was part of the I Am GB campaign to get people outside inspired by the Olympics.

The switch-off took place between 9:30 and 10:30 in the morning on the 27th of August (Summer Bank Holiday) and included all of ITV’s channels from ITV right through to ITV4 and CITV.  Anyone who tried to watch their usual programs on those channels at that time on the bank holiday were simply shown a message saying “We’ve gone running. Why Don’t you join us”.


The campaign was organised by the National Lottery with ITV and was inspired by Great Britain’s successes at the Olympics recently.  The bank holiday campaign hopes to bring more participation in sport across the UK.

Along with this, over 2000 sports clubs were  open to allow people to get involved in sport for free.  ITV also opened their sets to be used for various sports.  For example, Coronation Street hosted a climbing wall, table tennis and badminton.

The day was described as a homecoming for Olympic athletes returning from Rio and a the country’s biggest country-wide sports event. it was a great opportunity for people to take part in sports that would not normally do so.

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